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ANEN48EJSQPrevent a memory overwrite condition when manipulating hide-when formulas greater than 256 characters during outline design.
ASAO49T8ZTGet OS/2 and Unix time zone and daylight savings time information directly from the operating system. Before this fix, setup for Unix servers...
ASAI48WFK9Prevent tabbed tables from losing the tab text on save/reload when using a language which reads right-to-left.
ASAI49Y6JSFix a crash when marking text in a date/time field while using a language which reads from right-to-left.
BCHL42ZDZ6cc:Mail post offices with multi-byte characters can now be migrated to Notes using the cc:Mail Domino Upgrade Services...
BMGH4A3M7JPrevent a crash when a user clicks on the Index and then the Search tabs in the Designer Help and in the Domino Administration Help databases after...
BMKN4A3G6QFix a problem which produced the error, Generic LSE Error, when designing a database when the LocateName method was called when using a Turkish...
BROE43WKCVFix a problem in the cc:Mail Domino Upgrade Services which would incorrectly generate an error indicating that the migration of aliases for the...
BROE43WKVRAccented characters in Mailing lists, Bulletin board names and Folder names and attachments now migrate...
BROE43WKZYcc:Mail migration of DB6 and DB8 users and groups configured for non Western European locales (Eastern European, Russian, Turkish, Greek and Baltic)...
BROE43WLBZcc:Mail post offices configured for Eastern European, Russian, Turkish, Baltic, and Greek character sets can now be successfully...
CDOY482SMFIncluded stub files on AIX to allow LCTEST to effectively test Sybase connectivity
CNIN46AGFSFix a problem in cc:Mail Domino Upgrade Services where migrating a user's mail box with empty folders could cause a crash.
EAVM49YEHAPrevent date/time fields from losing data during save/reload while using a language which reads from right-to-left.
GCLW49TE9YPublish view column data correctly for languages which read from left-to-right.
GCLW49TFUFPublish centered and left-justified text correctly in languages which read from right-to-left.
GSPT483PPBFix a crash when removing documents from the Headline list.
GSAN46ST8HLCLSX modified to allow for proper setting of connection properties
HDAN4ALNHDFix a problem where mail addresses are being resolved incorrectly while using an R5.x client with an R4.6x mail server (when some names are found in...


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